This “Kåsa” has a two finger grip and a single leather band (not twisted as seen in photo no. 2), measuring approximately 15-17 cl, which is approximately 0.6-0.7 US cups. The 2 finger grip makes the Kåsa rests comfortably in your hand, and holds slightly more than the classic Kåsa.

The classic Swedish “Kåsa” also called Kosa, Kausa or Kuksa, is a traditional wooden cup used by the indigenous people in Sweden; the Sami people. The wooden cups are hand made with ancient traditions, using carefully selected “björkvril” - a rare birch burl, which makes the wooden cups strong and durable as well as giving them their beautiful and individual look. This is sustainability at it’s best! The cups get their beautiful patina from the ice cold northern climate with long winters and cool summers, the golden light of the midnight sun and the dancing Northern Lights - 'Aurora borealis’.

A hand crafted Kåsa is as far away from mass production as one can get, this is a treasured item that, with the proper care, can last a lifetime! Each and every kåsa, wooden cup, has its own unique look, that is part of the charm of a hand made product made from natural material.

After using your Kåsa, simply rinse with hot water to clean it. Never use any detergent or soap as it will destroy and damage the kåsa.

The kåsa is treated with natural non toxic oils. Before using the Kåsa for the first time; rinse it with hot water, hot coffee (or your preferred beverage) to get rid of any oil residue. If you don’t, there is no harm to your health, but you might taste the oil in your first sip of whatever it is that you’re drinking.

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