This is what real coffee should taste like, look like and be like! Lemmelkaffe (Lemming coffee) is an organic and fair trade coffee, a high quality coffee that get’s the job done, so to speak. The coffee is a 100% organic dark roast coffee made from Arabica coffee beans. The only way to do it if you ask us at Northern Heart.

The label “KRAV” tells you that the coffee beans have grown without chemical treatments, good for you body the workers where coffee beans grow, as well as Mother nature. Here at Northern Heart we value quality over quantity and the coffee taste even better knowing that it’s made with sustainable methods.

450 gram dark roasted coffee that comes with a small package of salt “kaffe salt”, the classic way of making your coffee. Add a little salt while making it, it will actually make the coffee less bitter!

If you’re a real Swede, you want your coffee strong and black as a winter night. And if you’re not, you’ll get used to it…hopefully.

This is the worlds best coffee, in all aspects! Welcome to the dark (roasted) side…

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